Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Has Your Nous Descended?

 Has Your Nous Descended
(to the tune of the hymn,  “Are You Washed in the Blood?”}

Has your  nous descended to your heart today?
Has the stillness of unknowing caught your gaze?
Has you wand’ring attention found its native home?
Has your nous returned to your heart

    Has your nous, found your heart?
Has your gaze seen the stillness of the Lord?
Has the gate to theosis opened through the grace of God?
Has your nous descended to your heart?

2.        Have you warred against the passions with the Jesus Prayer?
Have you stilled the senses and the mind?
Have the demons fled from your humility?
Has your heart been prepared for your nous

3.        Has unceasing prayer been your way of life?
Has your body been weaned off of the world?
Has your thought life gathered to the Jesus Prayer?
Has neptic vigil made you aware?

4.        Has the bread of repentance been your daily fare?
Tears of Compunction and of sorrow filled your heart?
Has bodily stillness led you to your inward Sabbath rest?
Has the Jesus Prayer  set your life apart?

5.        Has the hesychastic pathway called you on to God?
On to union with the Divine?
Has the stillness of unknowing found your ceaseless gaze?
Has your nous returned to its home?

6.        Has the grace of God brought unceasing prayer?
Has visionary prayer come into your heart?
Has what He is by Nature, come to you by grace?
Do you  practice divine  Sonship as your art?

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