Monday, February 7, 2011

Metropolitan Jonah- the Stillness

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  1. Smyrna 1922 USA 2012

    The Greeks didn't just flee their own economic calamity by going to Alexandria and Smyrna, they deliberately set out to colonize their host countries just as they do in America today. In 1919 the Allied Bristol Commission condemned Greek atrocities against Turkish women and children and specifically said the Greeks were in Smyrna as part of an allied tranformative force respectful of all ethnicities and not as Greeks still claim, to annex Smyrna. This is the core evil of the Ochrofux Trojan Horse church which is fundamentally communist ever since the Zealots of Palamas were willing to give Thessaloniki to the Serbs and Contsaniople to the Turks in order to achieve the usurpation of the communist Cantacouzinos. That is why Cantacouzinos gave his daughter to Orkhan, and why that daughter was the grandaughter of the Bulgarian czar. But he didn't just give his daughter, he gave Bythinia and then Galipoli to the Turks, which even Churchill could not free.But worst, he gave everything to the Turks becausehis socialist taxation, as Toynbee rightly says, made the farmers embrace the Turks, just as the Greeks of 2010 and of 1870 embraced the Turks to get away from the slavocommunist Ochrofux Trojan horse church!